Legal Services

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Does your company understand all the federal rules and FDCPA regulations for recovering a debt?

Avoid legal risks and liabilities for improper “in-house” collection tactics by partnering with a company who understands and enforces FDCPA regulations.

Credit International understands that most consumers who owe money want to repay their debt. Our recovery methods are persistent, yet we understand that each circumstance is unique and will offer payment plans when appropriate. When a consumer has made it clear that they have no intention of repaying a debt we often recommend involving our legal department. If a file is recommended for litigation, Credit International will advance the court costs and legal fees so our clients have no out-of-pocket expenses.

Credit International’s legal department works all accounts that are referred for litigation. Our in-house attorney reviews ands signs off on all accounts in litigations.

Let our team of professionals search, locate, and secure your assets so that your company does not have to spend the time and resources in small-claims court.

  • Credit International will cover upfront legal fees and court costs on cases our research determines are worth pursuing
  • Has your company been awarded a judgment and has received no payment?
  • We will transfer Small Claim Judgments to Civil Judgments for businesses and individuals.
  • We assist other agencies by recovering out-of-state judgments and garnishments